About us

Who are we?

We are Sports Dream11, your ultimate destination for all things cricket news. Our main goal is to be the leading source of up-to-date information, delivered promptly. With a team of dedicated young individuals, we strive to bring you authentic news through the digital platform. Our vision is to keep our readers informed about the latest events in the world of cricket, without any artificiality.

When was it launched?

India, being a cricket-crazy nation with a huge fan base, has witnessed the rise of Sportsdream11 since its inception on January 9, 2025, founded by Vikas Kumar. Today, Sportsdream11 has become a hub for millions of readers, offering them a wide range of content on a daily basis. From news updates and match reports to in-depth analysis, statistics, opinions, and captivating stories from the cricketing world, Sportsdream11 has it all. It truly allows cricket enthusiasts to live their dream! The CEO of Cricket Sportsdream11, Vikas Kumar, strongly believes in bringing something new to the table and catering to the diverse demands of the competitive market.

What we actually believe in?

It is crucial for us to prioritize the clarity of the content and ensure objectivity without any bias. Our platform is also a great opportunity for aspiring sports journalists to display their talent. As we approach the CA’s first anniversary, we are excited to continue promoting the essence of cricket as a gentleman’s game through fair writing.

Why we exist?

We strive to create the finest results as we have embarked on an extraordinary journey, upholding integrity and professionalism. Collaborating seamlessly as a team, we aim to deliver exceptional outcomes and continuously improve by providing valuable content to our audience. Our team consists of a considerable number of Content Writers and Editors at our disposal.

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